Waterless detailing as a measure to take care of our environment

Traditional car wash uses about 60-100 liters of water per one session. Wishing to save our planet taking care of ecology, the service becomes really dangerous. Fortunately you are able to select more eco-friendly decision that lies in waterless auto detailing. That is really perfect alternative having numerous advantages over the traditional service.
Looking for mobile car wash near me you should understand that specialists use special chemical agents to remove mud and dust from a car surface. Those agents are eco-friendly and moreover you save much water. The effect is really brilliant. Agents split mud and polish an auto paintwork protecting it from small mechanic damages. Apart from exterior cleaning you are able to order additional services like interior vacuuming, windows polishing, etc. There offered several packages of different prices and duration.
Mobile detailing can be provided at any place indicated by a car owner: parking place, home, etc. therefore you waste no time. The service becomes extremely useful for busy people who have no time to wait hours in queues.