The most effective cosmetic way to beat cellulite: peculiarities and counter indications

Pale skin, loss of elasticity, activating of aging processes and other problems connected by cellulite appearing are rather terrifying for women. On the one hand numerous products are offered from everywhere but on the other hand only few of them are really effective therefore applying to a professional beauty salon is absolutely reasonable decision.
E.g. endermologie is approved by FAD as really effective way to beat cellulite therefore its popularity just gains momentum.
This technique implies applying of special equipment for rolling massage and a patient should be obligatory dressed in a special suit to avoid skin injuries. Moreover such suit provides safeness and painlessness of the massage.
An average duration of such procedure is about 45 minutes. The frequency includes 2-3 sessions per one week. The total course may include up to 12 sessions. A professional and experienced cosmetologist works out individual plan in order to get the best result.
Among the counter indications of the massage the following problems can be indicated: varicosity, acute form of a disease, pregnancy and autoimmune diseases.