The main recommendations of appropriate refrigerator cleaning: some important tips

A refrigerator is undoubtedly among the key elements of every kitchen therefore such equipment is thoroughly selected but its appropriate functioning highly depends on the further maintenance. Cleaning is among those maintenance measures that provide long serving of the equipment.
At the first sight a fridge can be easily cleaned but in fact a set of recommendations should be considered in order not to damage an appliance.
Among the general rules of a fridge cleaning the following once can be indicated:
• Fridges without No-Frost system should be defrosted and cleaned once in two months. For models equipped by such innovation once in six months will be enough.
• Abrasive agents and washing agents with harsh odor are forbidden to be used for a refrigerator cleaning.
• Such agents as vinegar and soda are suitable for a fridge disinfection and removing bad smells.
• While cleaning a fridge should be turned off and all food must be taken to other place.
• All replaceable shelves, boxes and other elements must be removed from a fridge and cleaned independently.
• The final stage of a fridge cleaning lies in wiping an appliance completely dry.
When you notice icing on the equipment side and cleaning is demanded more and more frequently apply to GE fridge repair service as soon as possible.