Selecting a faucet for your washroom: trifle or important task?

The washroom fixtures market offers diverse assortment of faucets that have both advantages and disadvantages. At the first sight such unit is insignificant but taking into account that you spend in a washroom 2-3 hours per day, wrong choice makes us feeling discomfort.
Faucets differ in design, construction and functionality therefore before selecting a model take those three aspects into account.
Construction of a faucet defines its type. The most spread types are one and two handle faucets. The first model is equipped by a mixer unit therefore you can regulate water temperature. Such variants are frequently selected for sinks. In two handle faucets regulators for cold and hot water are separated.
Besides, you may select innovative models like thermostatic faucets where water temperature is maintained on a certain level or touchless faucets where motion detector is installed and the water flows when you place hands below a faucet.
No matter which type you select the best quality is among the most important features. CAE Italian faucets are long-serving for instance.