Myths and truth about indoor tanning: is the service really safe and useful?

The popularity of indoor tanning is gaining momentum therefore many people are interested either such procedure is absolutely safe or there exist some pitfalls of visiting tanning salons?
Some cosmetologists convince that indoor tanning implies less ultraviolet radiation that traditional sunbathing provides. In fact 10 minutes in a sun bed are equaled to 10 minutes outdoor but there is a huge difference. 10 minutes of sunbathing provides almost invisible effect while a session in a tanning salon guarantees level tan. The average duration of one session is between 5-10 minutes therefore ultraviolet radiation quantity is regarded as normal.
Meanwhile some people regard tanning Brooklyn as a way of treating different problems both cosmetic and medical. That is a myth because indoor tanning helps to get perfect look and that’s all. Using it as treatment measure is absolutely counter indicated.
As for counter indications there exist numerous limitations therefore at first a consultation with a professional and qualitative cosmetologist is demanded.